The internet is a terrible place and it is a remarkable place.
Staying in one place long enough leads to discoveries of the less and more savory characters of life. If you’re lucky, that sort of rabbit hole leads to a treasure of time capsules we never expected to unearth.

This photo is a characteristic Mashima Masatoshi, once upon a time guitarist of The Blue Hearts and now of The CroMagnons.
One of his trademark looks.

If the eyes are the mirror to the soul is a smirk the reflection of your spirit?

The many expressions we wear are a wardrobe of fanciful tales.

Yoshio realizes it’s not easy being a punching bag.

Typhoon Hagibis swirled afar, later touted as Japan’s worst storm in 60 years. Under these challenging circumstances, this time last year Tower Records Japan was planning on a promotional event. …

Punk isn’t always pretty, but it’s usually pretty fun.

Hiroto Kohmoto Of The Cromagnons ~ Limited Edition Punch Live Photobook

Thought I’d keep this going with a photo now and then, although I probably won’t share much from this collection. Here’s a thought: I read a quote somewhere about a guy asking about an older gentleman’s stylish hat.

When asked where he could get one the older man replied,

“You had to be there when they passed them out.”

It’s kinda like that.

How much for that limited edition import in the window?

To use the word expert for oneself is commonly seen as reaching for a high pedestal. A bit presumptuous. In the days of early web before even Napster existed folks would say there’s always someone who knows more than you on the internet. …

When I moved this year and our moving boxes were less than organized, the first major thing I hunted for was my records(plus player)and tapes(yes TAPES). The second thing my clothes and the third…my cd collection. …

Beth Annotated

Pretend writer. Poems maybe. The only English fan info outside of wiki for The CroMagnons from Japan. Sweets. Twitter@magnonrockcave

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