Crossing The Internet Seas For A Song

To use the word expert for oneself is commonly seen as reaching for a high pedestal. A bit presumptuous. In the days of early web before even Napster existed folks would say there’s always someone who knows more than you on the internet. Today when it comes to The Cro-Magnons, outside of Wikipedia, which I myself have lended a hand to when band info needed updating, that person must be pretty deeply intrenched in a wormhole somewhere.

Currently, there’s just not a lot of background stories of the band written in English. Occasionally I’ll come across a rare article from five or ten years ago, a comment on a video, or a brief highlight from the indie music magazine project of a few college friends. Mostly it’s just me driving this train and keeping the tracks all in order. Waiting for more people to get on.

But how do I know anything?

After a few months of this it was time to get to know the people who do know.
I made a niche Twitter to follow fans in Japan. Not that it’s a particularly unique avenue to venture on, people love Asian culture and entertainment, they do that all the time. What seems curious is that it’s the only road for such prolific veterans of the Japanese punk scene.

Their songs have been in movies, tv, and commercials. Admittedly you do have to be interested in the culture to have heard them. Here’s one that was featured in a show about a homeroom teacher who has….well a break…and holds his students hostage. A bit intense but interesting if you can find it.

Translate and a handful of Japanese grammar has it’s imperfections but in a scarcity of food you take what you can eat. I discovered a wonderful world of hard to find pictures and tour experiences. Quotes and band updates as instantly as they are announced. Videos of vinyl playing favorite songs available nowhere else. Of course pics of all the excited fans, maybe one or two from other countries speaking far better Japanese than mine.
Plus I experienced so much more, all those things we know we have in common. The various ups and downs of life; delicious food, colds and sleepiness, cheering for successes, and of course, cats.

Now as it continues on, I learn more all the time. The latest is a new live vinyl that I’m crossing my fingers won’t have too much delay in shipping overseas. Never had a problem before but we’ll see how that goes, situations being what they are at time of writing.

In the meantime if you know any more so called experts of the internet that loves these guys music enough to reach out to a whole other country send them my way. Tell me your tales internet seafarers.

Pretend writer. Poems maybe. The only English fan info outside of wiki for The CroMagnons from Japan. Sweets. Twitter@magnonrockcave