Festivities from Afar Pack A Punch

Yoshio realizes it’s not easy being a punching bag.

Typhoon Hagibis swirled afar, later touted as Japan’s worst storm in 60 years. Under these challenging circumstances, this time last year Tower Records Japan was planning on a promotional event. Due to such a threat of nature the big event was moved (from a then earlier date to October 19, 2019) but fortunately it all came together in the end.

To some degree these things are probably best experienced as they happen but I’ll try my best to share a fraction of the feeling. (All fan pictures used were taken by those attending the event and credit goes to those individuals.)

For some time before then a stand up cut out of The CroMagnons mascot and icon Yoshio had found a home in the record store. This was for a contest to win a punching bag of the character made in correlation with the album “PUNCH”, which was that years release.

Many came to take pictures with the character they would afterwards share to social media in hopes of winning the bag. These here are from the actual event but more than a few had previously taken pictures with Yoshio.

Sometimes Yoshio got a hug to make up for the punches. (bottom left)

One of my favorites is based on a Japanese gag that I discovered was popular in the 1960s. It is based on a character from Fujio Akatsuka’s manga work “Osomatsu-Kun” named Iyami. As I understand it is a pose of comical surprise, Hiroto often does this during performances and you may have also seen it done by Godzilla.

Here is greaser style Yoshio dressed in his leathers, I’ve seen a couple people do this…or it could be the same person!

This cheerful fellow who I’ve seen around ended up being one of the winners!

The CroMagnons message book

The day finally arrived and many people came to pose, check out tour photos, write messages for the band and give their best punch.

This Knock Down punch machine was a huge hit, no pun intended.
Everyone tried their best to beat the top score.

Video of one such attempt is here:

Ultimately a grand time was had by many, whether or not they were able to get in the best score. Wish I could have been there.

I come across new pictures now and then, so if you are ever able to travel to Japan at any time in the future you may still see Yoshio chilling by the stacks. Do give him a hug for me.

Pretend writer. Poems maybe. The only English fan info outside of wiki for The CroMagnons from Japan. Sweets. Twitter@magnonrockcave

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